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DeKalb County Police Misconduct Lawyers Holding Law Enforcement Accountable for their Negligence

Police misconduct, a common concern in DeKalb County, manifests in various forms like excessive use of force, wrongful arrests, racial profiling, or violation of due process rights. The aftermath of such misconduct can be serious. Victims often face emotional trauma, physical injuries, and loss of trust in law enforcement, which can ripple through communities.

Hiring a team of police misconduct attorneys from Eshman Begnaud, LLC becomes important in these situations. The attorneys at Eshman Begnaud, LLC are committed to holding law enforcement accountable for their negligent actions. We thoroughly investigate the incident, gather pivotal evidence, and employ effective legal strategies to protect your rights. Through sharp negotiation or aggressive litigation, we strive for the maximum compensation for your physical injuries, emotional distress, and other damages. In the face of adversity, having our lawyers by your side can be significant. Contact Eshman Begnaud, LLC today at 678-892-7173 to schedule your free consultation.

What are Examples of Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct comes in various forms, each damaging the community’s trust in law enforcement. Some examples are:

Police Brutality

Police brutality, which entails the unnecessary and excessive use of force by police officers. This can range from verbal abuse and intimidation to physical violence, even potentially lethal force.

False Arrest

False arrest and imprisonment are another form of police misconduct. This happens when an individual is arrested without a proper warrant or without probable cause to believe they have committed a crime. These actions disregard the person’s civil rights and can result in significant psychological and financial harm.

Illegal Search and Seizure

Illegal search and seizure, as dictated by the Fourth Amendment, is an additional type of police misconduct. It happens when police officers search a person or their property without a warrant or probable cause. This misconduct violates the individual’s right to privacy and can lead to unjust criminal charges.

These examples highlight the broad spectrum of police misconduct, reinforcing the need for adequate checks and balances within the law enforcement system. Misconduct lawyers play a vital role in this process, standing as advocates for those who have been victims of these unjust practices. At Eshman Begnaud, LLC, we believe in protecting your rights and fighting for justice. We have years of experience representing individuals who have been victims of police misconduct, providing legal counsel to ensure their rights are preserved.

What Evidence Can Be Used to Support My Police Misconduct Case?

Evidence plays a crucial role in substantiating a police misconduct case. Physical evidence, such as injuries, can be documented through photographs or medical reports. These concrete pieces of evidence can serve to prove the occurrence and extent of physical abuse. Witness testimonies can also provide substantial support for your case. Eyewitness accounts can corroborate your version of events and add credibility to your claims.

Video and audio recordings are increasingly becoming vital evidence. This can include surveillance footage, dashcam videos, or even bystander-recorded videos. Any recorded documents that captured the incident can serve as direct evidence of misconduct.

Police documents like incident reports, dispatch logs, or officer’s notes can be examined for inconsistencies or inaccuracies. Any discrepancies between these official accounts and the actual events can be used to challenge the police version of the incident.

Gathering and preserving evidence immediately after the incident is crucial. A misconduct lawyer can guide you through this process and help ensure your rights are protected and that all necessary documents are taken care of.

How is Compensation Determined in a Police Misconduct Civil Claim?

In determining compensation in a police misconduct civil claim, various factors are taken into consideration. The nature and severity of the harm inflicted upon the claimant play a key role. This may include physical injuries, emotional distress, and the impact on the claimant’s life.

The court then considers whether the misconduct was committed intentionally or was a result of negligence. An intentional act of police misconduct may result in higher compensation than negligence cases. The victims’ legal costs, including attorney fees and court costs, are factored into the compensation amount.

Economic damages, such as lost wages due to misconduct, are also taken into account. In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded to deter the defendant and others from engaging in similar behavior in the future. It’s important to note that the calculation of compensation is complex and often requires the guidance of an experienced misconduct attorney from our law firm.

When Should I Contact a DeKalb County Police Misconduct Lawyer?

You should contact an attorney from Eshman Begnaud, LLC, as soon as you’ve been a victim of police misconduct in anyway. This could entail instances of false arrest, wrongful imprisonment, excessive force, or any kind of constitutional rights violation perpetrated by the police. Our experienced attorneys can provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex legal systems and procedures related to police misconduct and defend your rights.

We can evaluate the circumstances of your case, collect the necessary evidence, and advocate for your rights in court. Additionally, we can potentially identify patterns of misconduct within the department, a factor that could significantly strengthen your case.

We will assist in seeking necessary remedies for any damages you suffer, which could include financial compensation for injuries, lost wages, and more. Hiring an experienced attorney from Eshman Begnaud, LLC can be vital when it comes to holding law enforcement agencies accountable and ensuring justice. Contact our law firm today at 678-892-7173 to schedule your free initial consultation.