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There are typically only two types of people who go into restaurants: guests and workers. Regardless of which category a person falls into, they don’t expect to suffer an injury while they’re onsite. Unfortunately, there are unique hazards in food and beverage environments that greatly increase the risk of harm. If you or a loved one have found yourself in such a situation, a DeKalb County restaurant injury lawyer may be able to help.

At Eshman Begnaud, LLC, our Georgia personal injury attorneys are here to assist. We’ve seen injury victims suffer serious harm, and in many instances, they’re unsure of how to move forward. Whether you are a restaurant guest, employee, visitor, contractor, or other individual, you have a reasonable expectation of safety when on premises. If negligence or wrongful acts shatter this expectation, you may be entitled to compensation.

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What Leads to Most Restaurant Accidents in Georgia?

While most people don’t realize it, there are a variety of potential hazards that exist in your favorite restaurants. The types of risks you might face can vary — typically based on your role in the eatery (e.g., customer vs. employee vs. delivery person, etc.). However, certain dangers are common among everyone who walks through the doors.

Regardless of why you were in an eatery, the following are the most common causes of accidents in restaurants:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Burns and scalds
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Falls from heights
  • Trips over objects
  • Foodborne illnesses
  • Strains and sprains
  • Allergic reactions
  • Burner and equipment malfunctions
  • Physical assaults and criminal activity
  • Structural hazards (e.g., loose handrails)
  • Chemical exposure

Any DeKalb County restaurant injury lawyer can tell you that this list is not exhaustive. At Eshman Begnaud, LLC, our personal injury attorneys frequently encounter cases that surprise us. Some involve situations we’ve never seen before. Put simply, no one can envision every potential harm that exists at any given time. However, one thing you should be able to envision is securing justice when you’re wronged.

Our law firm will help you in that endeavor, and we’ll fight to secure the financial compensation you deserve.

Do You Need a DeKalb County Personal Injury Attorney?

People often ask whether they need to hire an attorney for restaurant injuries. This is particularly true when they believe their case is “open and shut.” However, very few cases are as straightforward as you might think. At least one surprise happens during nearly every personal injury claim — and even if one doesn’t, you can assume the insurance company will look for every potential way to avoid paying what you deserve.

Restaurant employees injured on the job also frequently forgo legal representation since they’re entitled to workers’ compensation. However, some victims can secure personal injury damages even if they also qualify for workers’ comp. While you typically can’t sue your employer, you can sue third parties for their wrongful acts. Extreme actions by your employer or a lack of insurance could also open the door for a personal injury claim against them.

Put simply, there is a lot of complexity in these cases. This is why you should consider speaking with a DeKalb County restaurant injury lawyer. And since we offer free initial consultations at Eshman Begnaud, you have nothing to lose by reaching out.

What Damages Are Available for Restaurant Injuries?

Compensation in restaurant injury cases can look very different based on your unique circumstances. If you’re an employee and no extreme negligence or third-party liability is involved, financial recovery will likely be in the form of workers’ comp. If you’re a non-employee who suffered injuries, there’s a good chance your case will be resolved via settlement negotiations.

However, litigation might sometimes be necessary. When your case makes it to court, you may be entitled to the following damages:

  • Special damages: These economic damages reimburse injury victims and their families for monetary losses. Damages could include lost income, medical expenses, burial costs, and other financial losses.
  • General damages: These non-economic damages reimburse injury victims and their families for non-monetary losses. Damages could include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other losses that aren’t financial in nature.
  • Punitive damages: While less common, courts will sometimes award additional punitive damages as a means of punishing liable parties for particularly egregious actions. Ask your DeKalb County restaurant injury lawyer if you qualify.

Suffering an injury is never an easy situation. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced legal professional. You’ve got a lot more to worry about than legal proceedings and going back and forth with insurance companies. At Eshman Begnaud, LLC, we’ll handle these issues on your behalf so you can focus on healing. Let us be your advocate.

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Restaurants are a place where people go to enjoy themselves. This is true for most individuals who walk through the doors, but even those who show up to work are at least getting some benefit. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes the case that wrongful acts completely destroy these benefits — and you may find yourself dealing with serious injuries or the loss of a loved one. Luckily, you don’t have to face this alone.

At Eshman Begnaud, LLC, our dedicated team of DeKalb County restaurant injury lawyers is here to help. We know what you’re going through, and we understand that you may be unsure of what to do next. Fortunately, we offer complimentary initial case evaluations — so it costs you nothing to learn more about your rights and compensation eligibility. Contact us at (678) 892-7173 to schedule your free consultation.

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