• Construction/Workplace Liability

Construction/Workplace Liability

Workers and their families face devastating consequences when a worker is injured or killed on a worksite. These workers and their families should first, always, contact a workers’ compensation attorney to explore the benefits that are immediately available to them and to ensure they are receiving the best possible medical attention.  

Workers’ compensation benefits are a good benefit, but they come up short to fully and completely compensate a seriously injured worker or a deceased worker’s family. In many of the serious injury and death cases we investigate, workers and their families are still left scrambling to cover the gaps left by the workers’ compensation system and to be fully compensated for their losses.

Other lawyers, injured workers, and the families of injured or deceased workers turn to our firm to investigate and pursue all avenues of compensation available to injured workers and their families. We investigate and pursue claims involving crane accidents, equipment failures, operator errors, falls, industrial accidents, etc. In the last 3 years, alone, Michael has helped injured workers and their families recover in excess of $9.6M to help compensate them for their losses.

For lawyers handling a workers’ compensation claim and considering referring a case for further investigation, we encourage you to screen all of your work injury cases for the following: 

  • Nature of the injury. We will investigate any serious injury or death case to see if there is another avenue for full compensation. We also review cases involving lesser injuries to evaluate whether further investment of time and resources make sense under the circumstances;
  • In what state did the injury occur? Georgia workers who suffer injuries in other states may have a Georgia worker’s compensation claim, but, typically (with exceptions), the law of the state where the incident happened applies to the other tort claims the worker may have. We routinely work with lawyers in other states to investigate and pursue any viable claims workers and their families may have;
  • Did the injury occur on a multi-employer worksite? Georgia law protects an injured worker’s employer, co-employees, and, in many cases, a general contractor from their acts of negligence that injure a worker under the exclusive remedy doctrine. However, if the injured worker is injured by the negligence of another company, trade, and/or subcontractor working on the same site, the injured worker may have a claim to pursue full compensation for his/her injuries.
  • Did the injury involve machinery or other equipment? We investigate cases involving defective equipment and/or operator error.

Many of these types of cases also involve complex issues of insurance coverages, contractual defenses, apportionment, conflict of laws, etc. We help other lawyers and our clients navigate these issues to help injured workers and their families recover all benefits and compensation available to them to help compensate for their losses.

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