Another Transgender Immigrant Sues ICE Detention Center for Cruelty

On Friday, June 11, 2021, Eshman Begnaud, in partnership with the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (“MALDEF”), sued for the cruelty and abuse that the Irwin County Detention Center (“ICDC”) inflicted on a 26-year-old transgender immigrant.

Ex-Investigator Cleared of Giving Contraband to Defendant

In 2019, Georgia correctional officers falsely accused Lily Engleman of smuggling contraband to an inmate– without any evidence.

Trump Administration Sued Over Cruelty at ICE Detention Center

A transgender asylum seeker held in solitary confinement for six months solely because of his gender identity is suing the federal government.

In the News – Eshman Begnaud Settles $400,000 Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Dunwoody Officer

Georgia civil rights and personal injury law firm Eshman Begnaud wins $400,000 settlement on behalf of their client Yadata Osman in a lawsuit against City of Dunwoody officer Kevin Lopez who struck Mr. Osman, a man fleeing across an empty parking lot, with his patrol car.

In The News – Hundreds held too long at Fulton County jail may join federal lawsuit.

Hundreds held too long at Fulton County jail may join federal lawsuit.

In The News – Georgia Students Subjected to Intrusive Searches Will Share $3 Million.

In The News – Wilkinson County to pay $420,000 settlement in woman’s death while in custody.

In The News – Suit filed over woman’s ‘avoidable’ death at Gwinnett jail.

In The News – DeKalb pays man convicted of murder $75,000 in jail beating case.

In The News – Lawsuit: Cobb jail guard kept job despite pattern of abuse.

In jailhouse footage, the guard is seen pushing man to the ground, where he lies, screaming in pain, his hip broken, as staff drift in and out, attempting to pull him to his feet and at one point taunting him.

In The News – How Far Can They Go?